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Of course someone interested in that post would have an interest in my opt-in, so it's a little strategic marketing happening there. Create a brain dump This is my favorite part. Some content can be created the day before posting last-minute social content is usually a great example of thisbut professional photo shoots will likely require at least a few weeks of planning.

This is your moment to shine and do what you love.

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The basic concept is the same regardless if you're using a physical planner or electronic calendar. If so, can it be updated? That's how to make an editorial calendar - the simple, clean, and organized way!

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It's time now to determine how many days a week you'd like to post. What platforms are you using? These are all important questions to ask yourself while planning your future social media publishing schedule. This is all useful information to include in your social media calendar, especially if you work on a team. I try to update this doc at least once a week, adding new ideas, getting rid of stale ones I don't feel like writing about anymore, and planning out my next blog posts as far as I can. Anything with a deadline i. Share them in the comments below! Write, edit, post, share, comment, repeat. You'll see the entire month of August laid out on the left, along with space to note holidays and special events, like when you're out of town. Do you have other tips for keeping a PR Editorial Calendar? Add these dates into your editorial calendar and brainstorm topics to cover close to the dates. Keep Everything in One Calendar Keep all of the above in one large calendar that your whole team has access to.

Procrastination is expensive.

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How I create an editorial calendar for designers