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Toontastic Free Students do the exact same assignment you did as a whole class, individually now or in groups. There are many ways for kids to make their own books. You find an egg at the beach. Invite students to take five minutes to draw any picture they want to draw-- real or fantasy. Did that first paragraph throw the reader into the action? Read the first paragaph of a number of fantasy stories. Ask students to go back to the sheet from yesterday with the three characters, and under the hero write his quest. Point out parts of the story that could not really happen and how these parts could be changed into a detail that could happen. Suddenly I felt myself being pulled inside the monitor. Next ask students to edit their own work, then get with a buddy and edit each other's work. I'm a big urban myth fan myself. Related learning resources. Support: Have students create illustrations that match the sentences and ask the students if it would be possible to see the action. They also then draw their character on toontastic. Next ask students to write the first paragraph of a fantasy story using the magical world that they have created in the last five lessons.

Beginning: Reduce the amount of sentences students are expected to categorize and explain. After falling asleep during history class, a teen wakes up to find his school and town apparently abandoned, for what looks like years.

I started by reviewing the elements that we needed to have in our fantasy stories. Point out parts of the story that could not really happen and how these parts could be changed into a detail that could happen.

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Write an email to a dragon Write a help wanted sign for a village that needs a hero to rid them of the Ogre. My favorite way to teach fantasy is in a series of high interest lessons. Without limits, the story ends before it starts. Discuss with the class what makes that first paragraph a great hook or not. Try the Realism and Fantasy pre-lesson. Encourage students to justify their responses. Fantasy books for upper elementary: Harry Potter by J. My favorite part of writing is the publishing process. Then list characteristics of each one. So, my strategy is to take the genre students love, and use the writing process as a scaffold to teach them how to build a good fantacy story. So far language arts isnt that bad to teach!

Check out the site below for a great idea. Harriet receives a shinny stone in the mail with a note that says, "polish me".

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I could hardly believe what happened the day Mr. Next, students write three paragraphs about their own magical word.

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Ask the remainder of the students to give feedback.

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Making Sense of Realism and Fantasy