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One reason for this vertiginous decline has to do with a change in how and when kids learned to program. These kinds of seemingly-harmless remarks are anything but benign.

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A good attitude and a diverse workforce, less so. How would they ever catch up? The percentages for people of color are similarly low: Black employees were 8. At the same time, the old hierarchy of hardware and software became inverted. Or you may want to get a few copies of this book to pass on to your mentees or women you want to encourage into the field. They were poets of bits. Our cultures and businesses pay the heavy price for these omissions. Women graduate from college, get a tech job and typically leave the industry between seven and 10 years later, said Kieran Snyder, co-founder and CEO of Textio , a Seattle startup whose products include a tool to make job listings more women-friendly. It might seem strange now that they were happy to take on a random applicant with absolutely no experience in computer programming.

Businesses are measuring and tracking their success in this area and company leaders are backing the initiatives.

But imagine the future we'd have if women helped. Fleming agreed, going on to lead a team of more than 80 women who did the computational work that's responsible for how we understand the universe today.

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So Pickering asked his housemaid, Williamina Fleming, to work as a "computer" at Harvard. As Wilkes had discovered, employers simply looked for candidates who were logical, good at math and meticulous. They had received much more exposure to computers than girls had; for example, boys were more than twice as likely to have been given one as a gift by their parents. How is This Affecting the Tech Industry? And if you made it to the theater to see Incredibles 2, you likely saw the short Bao, which was written and directed by Domee Shi. The author coaches women who want to get ahead in their careers and develop leadership skills to be aware of gender biases and how men and women behave differently in the workplace, and how to use that information to their advantage. Whether it be workplace conditions, a lack of access to key creative roles, or finding out that a male colleague gets paid more for the same work, the tech industry suffers the same shortcomings and challenges that all industries face.

Her program would reveal the "match" in the system, and people using the service would receive the name and address of whoever they had been paired with. But the broader shift to make tech jobs more female-friendly will take time. Not sure how to begin amplifying? Women own only 5 percent of tech startupsso by being choosy about where you spend your dollars, you could be supporting women even those across the globe and encouraging more to pitch their problem-solving ideas.

They grew discouraged seeing men with no better or even lesser qualifications get superior opportunities and treatment. She was recruited to Cambridge into the "Language Research Unit" by another female professor, the computational linguist Margaret Masterman. And the women who did persist and made it to the third year of their program had by then generally caught up to the teenage obsessives.

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How could this be true and not negatively affect businesses in tech? And the women who did show up were often isolated. Lee was half of a biracial couple to whom no one would rent, so she needed money to buy a house. One reason for this vertiginous decline has to do with a change in how and when kids learned to program. Some women, frustrated by a lack of opportunity at their current companies, quit to strike out on their own. Of the eight women who participated in this project, seven are still in technology. I also think tech companies need to make themselves more appealing and known for providing a safe and diverse environment.

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