Will jk rowling write another robert galbraith book

Eric Wardle is a detective initially involved in the Lula Landry case. He pulls rank to take the lead on the case in the second novel.

He is determined to end their relationship for good this time. However, during the fourth novel, Robin learns that Matthew and Sarah are continuing their affair, which leads her to separate from Matthew and seek a divorce.

He is hairy, and has dark wiry, curly hair, leading to some calling him 'pubehead'. Be interesting to see who it ends up being.

will there be a 5th robert galbraith book

Hope Shanker is back in the thick of things in book 5. Agree about the contractors and the need for a new secretary. She allegedly lied to Strike about being pregnant with his child.

She craves suburban normality and family stability to make up for their peripatetic childhood, and is seen by Strike perhaps a little unfairly as somewhat judgemental. She died of a heroin overdose when Strike was Rowling's BBC series revealed". The only one of his half-siblings to whom he is close is Lucy, daughter of his mother and another musician, though even their relationship is at times strained.

Robin briefly splits from Matthew during the events of the third novel after finding out that he cheated on her with his friend, Sarah Shadlock, while at university. At the reception, Robin learns that he deleted Strike's post-firing texts to her, which causes a huge fight that disrupts their reception, although they ultimately decide to stay together.

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