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As a result, the new Whirlpool set the pace for the global appliance industry and its price structure. As a result, few would-be global companies have escaped the deadly war of attrition in which cost and quality are the only weapons and ever-declining margins the only prize.

Bear in mind that we have many, many employees in our manufacturing plants and offices who have been with us for 25 or 30 years. It had bought White Consolidated and had acquired several appliance makers in Europe.

Explore the Archive Loading Covered Employee Performance Measures may be defined on a Corporate or Noncorporate basis as determined by the Committee.

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But the purpose was to build a distribution system in Southeast Asia and to gain an understanding of the consumer. Our Unique Global Position Whirlpool Corporation is committed to delivering significant, long-term value to both our consumers and our shareholders.

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Organizations have changed radically in recent years. However, if the Chief Executive Officer determines that external changes or other unanticipated business conditions have materially affected the fairness of the goals, then the Chief Executive Officer may recommend and the Committee may approve appropriate adjustments to the performance goals applicable to Other Participants either up or down during the Plan Year. Our strategy is based on the premise that world-class cost and quality are merely the ante—the price of being in the game at all. But how did you translate that vision into the fabric of the organization—the day-to-day operations? We have a long-standing relationship with them, exchanging basic information, ideas, and so forth. But it seems to have proven to be a lot easier said than done. These teams, which will have functional and brand objectives, will identify the best opportunities and the most important problems to solve and then assess the related trade-offs. For details and privacy statement, visit whirlpool. In our society, there seems to be an expectation that CEOs should be able fix things in a flash, even if that entails engineering an organizational transformation overnight. For our shareholders, we seek to deliver differentiated value through our four strategic pillars: Strong Global Footprint We hold the number one share position in seven of our ten largest countries by revenue. The worst part of the process is not the washing and drying. And in the process, it became clear to us that the basics of managing our business and its process and product technologies were the same in Europe, North America, Asia, and Latin America.

The products that come out of our Italian plants run at lower RPMs and are less costly. How do you do that?

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The Final Award shall be paid in accordance with Article V. But you must expect that. But it takes more than one person to design that management process if it is to be accepted, used, and turned into a competitive advantage. The Board shall appoint the members of the Committee and fill any vacancy on the Committee. Instead, he followed a more ambitious path: transforming two parochial, margin-driven companies into a unified, consumer-focused organization capable of using its combined talents to achieve breakthrough performance in markets around the world. Building a shared base of understanding takes time, and we had to learn how to do that in a multilingual, multinational environment. Whirlpool was successful, profitable, and reasonably secure in a domestic market that was already eliminating the marginal competitors. We know when and where these facilities will be established. Absolutely not. Success has a way of drawing attention away from the present and future and onto the past. Nothing came of it the first year in terms of actual global product creation. Can a collection of regional organizations transform themselves in such short order without an injection of new skills or perspectives? What we needed was to enter appliance markets in other parts of the world and learn how to satisfy different kinds of customers.

Everybody is talking about going global, but hardly anyone understands what that means, says David R. We could have restructured the company financially and paid out a lot to our shareholders.

We could wait for globalization to begin and then try to react, which would have put us in a catch-up mode, technologically and organizationally.

We know when and where these facilities will be established. What is the end of the road?

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