Three representations of effective peaceful protests

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He invited influential civil rights activists, like strategist Bayard Rustin and organizer Ella Baker, and prominent black ministers from across the South to discuss how to expand the nonviolent resistance movement.

For days, thousands of black residents trudged through chilling rain and oppressive heat, ignoring buses as they passed by.

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Supreme Court ruled a year later insegregation on public buses unconstitutional. Inafter decades of Soviet rule, a country with just 1. Lindsey Engh Hide Replies 54 It's good to keep in mind that the peaceful protests of the Civil Right Movement were set against a backdrop of more violent resistance.

Young, old and from all walks of life—24 were clergymen—what united them was their dark skin and their act of quiet rebellion.

While media bombards us with stories of bloodshed, the true spotlight should be on those standing together today asking for equality for all. There are hundreds of books and papers on the subject—see Further reading below.

There probably is an element of Good Cop, Bad Cop to protests in general. It's nice to see that moderation wins out!

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Nonviolent resistance