The yoruba vs christianity

Yoruban, physical vs. Ejizu and Godwin Sogolosuch that even some Nigerians who have acquired Western education and Christian religion may still believe that some illnesses have spiritual and mystical causes Erinosho But traditional African religion has not been forgotten, especially among the Yoruba ethnic group.

From our forefathers it has been going, right from then up to today. In Agbara Oro, produced by Ipile Rere Evangelical Ministry, Akure, we are shown the disasters that befall Mr Oloojegi, a banker, because of a curse placed on him by his own father.

yoruba spirituality

Oshun, the owner of beauty, femininity, love, and sensuality was syncretized with the Lady of Charity. He is said to assist in enhancing the power derived from herbal medicines and other forms of esoteric technology.

Some days, I cry when I miss him. It's woven into everyday life—from the streets to the bars—making Cuba a perfect place on this side of the world to dive deeper into the practice and see its cultural perseverance up close.

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Traditional Religion is Alive and Well Among Nigeria's Yoruba