The united states importance for the internet and the server based systems

Routledge, The development of an alternative platform to challenge Windows was not the primary objective of Intel's NSP efforts. From paying bills and buying clothes to researching and learning new things, from keeping in contact with people to meeting new people, all of these things have become much more convenient thanks to the Internet.

uses of internet

It is possible that, within the next few years, those consumers who otherwise would use an Intel-compatible PC system solely for storing addresses and schedules, for sending and receiving E-mail, for browsing the Web, and for playing video games might be able to choose a complementary set of information appliances over an Intel-compatible PC system without incurring substantial costs.

Therefore, in order to adopt a substitute for the Intel-compatible PC operating system from the realm of "information appliances," a consumer must acquire one or more of these devices in lieu of an Intel-compatible PC system. Since Microsoft can sell so many copies of each new operating system through the sales of new PC systems, the average price it sets for those systems is little affected by the fact that older versions of Windows never wear out.

OEMs represent the primary customers for Intel's microprocessors. Because it supports applications while interacting more closely with the PC system's hardware, the operating system is said to serve as a "platform.

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The Impact of the Internet on Society: A Global Perspective