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In response, BusinessWeek commentator David Kiley wrote, "I happen to think McDonald's, for all the flack it gets about the childhood obesity problem, has a perfect right to sell Big Macs. Additionally, nutritionist Dr. The role of the Public Relations PR professional is an essential part of daily hospital operations to establish and maintain relationships within the community as well as deal with challenges and opportunities that face the organization The moms will also get the chance to work behind the counter of McDonald's in Oklahoma City.

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This is just a basic definition of public relation but in fact it is much more challenging to really define and practice public relations McDonalds is crowdsourcing 10 mini movies that it will post online in January when it launches McBites on You Tube n other sites.

The title of the film is a play on the now abolished McDonald's "Super Size" menu option. Given the opportunity, kids naturally like to be active.

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Public relations: Mcdonald’s