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He discovers that his secret phone caller is General Smith Richard Schiffwho guided the Bradley for years and is afraid to ruin his career by going public with his knowledge that it is a death trap.

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In an effort to curtail excessive spending by The Pentagon , Congress appoints an outsider, U. Yes, you read that right. Burton's attempts to openly test the Bradley are stymied by Partridge, whose own career is on the line. Partridge does this a lot before the Senate, including denying any deceptiveness in obviously-rigged tests. Even worse, they tend to criticize the very features they requested previously, i. Just Following Orders : The excuse given by the men rigging the live-fire tests. It also glosses over a lot of the conflict regarding the testing procedure, one-sidedly portraying it as an effort to cover up flaws rather than a sincere disagreement on the style of testing used. Deadpan Snarker : Secretary Weinberger gets a few, "According to this, one missile locked on to a ventilation fan in the latrine, and destroyed the latrine. General Partridge still gets his promotion and his private sector job opportunities, while Burton is forced to retire. Modern Major General : What, exactly, is Partridge good at other than careerism? Subverted in that, from the very first scene, it's obvious that the hearing officials are annoyed at Partridge's Blatant Lies. Bittersweet Ending : While Burton does manage to expose the Bradley's flaws and force the army to design a much safer version, it's still not enough to change the system that created it in the first place. Instead, he has a new commanding officer who permits it.

Burton and his patrons forced the Army to conduct realistic tests and to make modifications to the vehicle to make it safer; this undoubtedly saved many American soldiers' lives during the Gulf War. The panel demands a live-fire test. And the John Boyd reading list at the back of the book is a treasure.

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And the characters are a shade too broad, though Kelsey Grammer invests General Partridge with just the right combination of oily charm and calculated bluster. Soldiers at the Rear : Burton uses the story of the M to accuse the enlisted men working on the Bradley of not caring because they never knew anyone who died because of defective equipment.

Open Secret : Everybody involved in the program but Burton seems to already know the Bradley is deeply flawed. As this film demonstrates. Played for all the dark laughs it can obtain trying to stall Burton's test with live animals by making a division to research the "perfect" live animal to use—a process that will take a year, at the fastest and drama everybody on the Bradley project that isn't a Jerkass War Hawk getting the decency ground out of them on-screen because it's the only way that they will get anything done.

Truth in Television : The kind of problems satirized here happen in any large bureaucracy.

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No Product Safety Standards : You'd really think a vehicle designed to go into combat wouldn't be made with armor that gives off toxic gas when struck by enemy fire. Causing major delays and budget overruns. Subverted in that, from the very first scene, it's obvious that the hearing officials are annoyed at Partridge's Blatant Lies. For instance, the department of Ruminant Procurement in charge of procuring sheep states that it will take around sixteen months to approve what type of sheep to use in the testing. Early on, Burton witnesses a live-fire test with what he's told is a Soviet anti-tank rocket. This information leaks to the press and the resulting scandal leads to a United States congressional hearing. A postscript explains that the Bradley was extensively redesigned in response to Burton's demands, which significantly reduced casualties from its use during the Persian Gulf War.

Armor-Piercing Question : "Perhaps you'd like to tell us how much has been spent so far to develop the Bradley? At first he thinks Burton doesn't understand how the office-politics works, then he thinks Burton is trying to spite him, then he accuses Burton of trying to get media attention or trying to set Partridge up for his own career.

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