The internet banking project in industrial

This contrasts with Citibank, which emphasizes cooperation with external Internet companies, acquisitions, partnerships, joint ventures, and recruitment to optimize the allocation of external resources. By the end ofthe Internet finance balance reached RMB Technology power might become the main power of banks in the future.

The internet banking project in industrial

However, ICBC did not form an effective and sustainable business model. Financial e-Direct, a direct banking service app, is a mobile bank.

Everyday banks will challenge the traditional business model, but a new business model has not been effectively established.

impact of online banking on society

Online banking has changed the face of transactional business and affects commerce across many trades and industries. The Chinese Banker Chinese 2 — The bank should aim to possess its own core technologies in this wave of FinTech development to break through the technological barrier and lead industry transition.

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The Effects of Online Banking