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Peter had also begun to do most of Tim Davis's work--so much so, in fact, that draftsmen often brought him projects that had been assigned to Tim.

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Wynand says he wants the house to be a fortress that shields his wife from the world. After Roark leaves, Wynand reads every article the Banner has ever printed about Roark. She immediately hates him because she knows she could fall in love with him.

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As he thinks about his childhood, Peter remembers that he once thought of being an artist, but his mother had suggested architecture instead. The council members feel uncomfortable in her presence. It brought her lasting fame and financial success.

The fountainhead sparknotes

During one of their talks, Katie mentions that her uncle is Ellsworth Toohey, a renowned architecture critic. When his idol refused to help, Wynand began to feel contempt for men of integrity. Toohey sees Roark as a great threat and tries to destroy him. This contrast between those who are free leaders and those who are weak followers becomes figured in the relationship between creator and client. He sees her occasionally, but he stops speaking to her about his career. He also sees each thing as the building material it provides, waiting for him. She then used a thesaurus and found 'fountainhead' as a synonym. Roark and Dominique have a violent sexual encounter shortly after meeting read more about that in the " Steaminess Rating " section and later embark on a secret and psychologically screwed-up affair. He intends to have his own clients so that he may build as he sees fit. Roark assures Cameron that he will live to see him succeed, and Cameron tells Roark that he believes Roark will face all of their enemies and figure out "what the answer is to be. Wynand calls Toohey and agrees to meet Dominique. Roark leaves without a word. One night, Roark enters the house and rapes her.

Likewise, Roark may look cold and hard, but he is honest to his very bones. Catherine moved to New York after her mother died to live with her uncle.

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