Tenacious d writing a masterpiece

There's two air ducts on the roof.

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That's not why we do it. We're still touring. Fulfilling their destiny requires that they borrow a car from their one fan, drive at top speed to the museum, break in, and make off with the magical dental material.

We don't usually play private parties They both have birthmarks on their butts. I absolutely recommend it.

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Crazy right? I got some smokin' bettys over there Did you ever think Tenacious D would have this kind of longevity? He says they can find it in the Rock and Roll History Museum.

It's a theory I'm working on: it's the Never-Practice Theory. It's insulting.

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Do you find making music more creatively liberating than acting? And it's been ideas for songs that have been bubbling for five years. They will help you, I promise. Wait, I have some questions. Is it necessary to practice every day? Perhaps more than any other actor of his generation, Jack Black has built a career out of simply being himself. At this point, JB finally finds out KG has been lying the entire time. Rize of the Fenix is our best album so far. It turns out he bought JB a totally awesome customized guitar I'm so jealous! They're looking at magazines of some of the most famous rock bands when KG notices they're all using the same pic.
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