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I would also avoid white backgrounds for paper, computer and visual aids.

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When reading materials are used in my session I will consider large clear fonts that may be more suitable for some learners with visual impairments.

Teachers participate in occasions specifically designed to educate them, such as induction programs and professional development workshops, but they also learn a great deal in their own classes on a daily basis while interacting with their students Ball and Cohen, ; Ball and Forzani, ; Luft et al.

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These variables include the characteristics of the learners, the learning objectives, and the instructional preferences of the teacher. One main message of this report is the need to adopt a broad view of where and what teachers learn to teach over the course of their careers. Constructive feedback is information-specific, issue-focused, and based on observations.

Teaching and learning strategies pdf

When booking my sessions and venue it will be essential that the venue will their support needs and requirements are met. However, language skills can be practised in group discussions and I encourage questions at any time during the session. The process of planning a course is not an easy one. I also motivate my learners with simple but effective practical skills which the majority of people can learn like the recovery position nhs. To learn more, visit learningscientists. It really just needs to be a visual representation as you can depict it. Success for All, DES Apart from the moral and ethical aspect of teaching there is also the legal aspect which means I have a duty to actively promote equality of opportunity for disabled people which was placed on educational establishments under the Disability Discrimination Act for example.

Then, students can create their own visuals of the concepts they are learning. Some rules are not for negotiation, for example, health and safety, fire rules, no smoking and so on.

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The Fab Four: Reciprocal Teaching Strategies