Sometimes being stupid has its advantage

And there were all these guys who were very smart. Other analyses suggest that each IQ point is worth hundreds of dollars in annual income—surely a painful formula for the 80 million Americans with an IQ of 90 or below.

You are simply getting some help in getting out of a rough spot.

How to stop playing dumb

Since you buy less stuff and use less energy to save money, you are also better on the environment, and have a smaller carbon footprint. Or is the disposition to imposture so prevalent in men of experience, that their private views of ambition and avarice can be accomplished only by artifice? Living in poverty is very difficult, but it helps you develop skills and build strength and endurance. When you are poor, you may forgo nutrition for calories just to save money. You know that you can handle the tough times, because you have gone through them and survived. Take advantage of services. Long and powerful rallies are generally a thing of the past. And there were all these guys who were very smart. You might be able to get monthly stipends, help with your rent, heating assistance, and food stamps. This is not how amateurs play.

Even the NFL gives potential draftees a test, the Wonderlic. Might they jump straight to violence? When others see the signal they are more motivated to try and placate the angry party.

how to be stupid

You do not have to file a tax return when you are poor. In a professional game, each player, nearly equal in skill, plays a nearly perfect game rallying back and forth until one player hits the ball just beyond the reach of his opponent.

But use with caution as people find anger the most difficult of all the emotions to control. Even in this age of rampant concern over microaggressions and victimization, we maintain open season on the nonsmart.

When people aren't willing to give you a job, or pay you more, you may think that determines how much you are worth as a person. The likely features of constructive anger are: that the person who caused the anger is present, that it is justified and proportionate to the wrongdoing, and it is expressed as the first step in trying to solve a problem rather than just venting bad feeling.

Being stupid meaning

You know how to cook your own food, clean your own house, and do basic home and auto repairs, because you cannot afford to outsource that work. In one study participants were shown objects they associated with a reward. What are the Advantages of Being Poor? You also understand the importance of a good network, and probably have strong ties with the community. We want to hear what you think about this article. Source What are the disadvantages of being poor? Since you buy less stuff and use less energy to save money, you are also better on the environment, and have a smaller carbon footprint. In lieu of excellent early education, we have embraced a more familiar strategy for closing the intelligence gap. From analysing each word of a past conversation, to assessing the possible outcomes of future situations, to panicking about politics, your overly active mind can actually stop you from getting a good nights sleep. So here are 8 disadvantages you might be familiar with if your IQ is way above average. Over time, you may habitually learn to live with problems, even problems that are cheap and easy to solve. Some people will look down on you because you are poor. There were 20 questions. We should instead begin shaping our economy, our schools, even our culture with an eye to the abilities and needs of the majority, and to the full range of human capacity. You may find that it is too expensive to fix many things that go wrong in the house, and let them go.

You can leverage your skills and strengths to get richer faster. Even if you wanted to, you couldn't afford to. We decided to keep doing it.

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The Disadvantages of Being Stupid