Social pedagogy in child development

This said, the community education, and then the community learning and development, framework have created potential for coherent practice. Yet, within group work, as Allan Brown 8 has pointed out, while many workers are purely concerned to enhance individual functioning, others still look beyond helping the individual with a problem.

Cannan, C. This edited collection is, without a doubt, the best recent treatment in English of social pedagogy. What is also of interest in the German and Danish traditions is the readiness of significant numbers of workers to describe themselves as pedagogues.

An introduction to the philosophy of education edn.

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Kim, A. Social pedagogy is commonplace as an approach in countries such as Norway, Finland, Sweden, Germany, France and the Netherlands.

Here though we want to focus on three areas: Social pedagogy as a domesticating ideology. Another factor was the growing adoption of ways of thinking and practising drawn from social group work.

However, in this literature thus far there has been little appreciation of social pedagogy as a longstanding tradition of thinking and practice. Pedagogues were family attendants usually slaves whose duties were to supervise, and be with, the young sons of the house.

Follett, M. Company no.

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Social Pedagogy