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Therefore on The Big Breakfast Diet you can eat almost any foods you want.

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People who want fast result pick crash diet, which is unwise and potentially dangerous, rather than sensible diet, which is health and safe. It can leave you with low energy levels "While crash diets may lead to weight loss, most of this weight comes from the reduction of glycogen and water stores in the body which can result in the loss of energy, making you feel fatigued," says the doctor.

Less muscle reduces your metabolic rate, which is the number of calories you burn while resting and can ultimately result in weight gain later on," explains the doctor.

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Both Campbell and English say that, if a patient really wanted to take this approach, they would provide support and try to maximise the diet's potential. Choose whole grain bread, whole grain pasta, brown rice, and high-fiber cereals.

Similarly, your skin could be left feeling dry and you may experience an acne breakout," adds the GP.

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And we all know that a low immune system makes getting ill far more likely - not what you want while you're away on holiday. Not always realistic Despite the possible benefits, crash diets are not a fail-safe strategy - especially when unsupervised, they could cause mental and physical harm.

Do fad diets work?

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A year later, almost half the participants had sent their diabetes into remission. Remember to eat a variety of foods from all the food groups. However, the crash dieting group had lost nearly four times as much weight as the healthy eating group An alternative to crash diets "Rather than putting yourself under the pressure and perils of a crash diet," Dr Julianne advises, "try to give yourself more time with regular realistic weight loss goals. The big breakfast diet on the other hand is one of the sensible way to keep your body slim. However, it's boring and that's why no one wants to hear about it - they want radical, quick-fix solutions - and unfortunately, time after time we've shown that just isn't realistic. Should we all be opting for extreme calorie restriction every time we want to drop a few pounds? Similarly, your skin could be left feeling dry and you may experience an acne breakout," adds the GP. Make an order now! They can lead to significant improvements in cardiovascular risk markers, like cholesterol level and blood sugar levels, and the weight loss may help lower blood pressure. Initial weight loss results can be just as good as traditional weight loss programmes.
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Crash dieting: 9 things that can happen to your body when you crash diet