Robert frost the road not taken argumentative essay

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The personas vision as a Pilgrim Traveler, on a road with outlooks pointing in two directions that symbolize a fork in the road. He chooses the road less travelled but really what is the author trying to tell you?

The crossroads is represented by a forked path that leads through a forest. He used his experiences of growing up in a rural area in most of his poems. This poem is open to interpretation. The choices that he makes in his life, can alter the future for better or worse.

Either way, we must live with the choices we make. The poem itself may be a reflection of a past time that the poet had once, on one level or another, endured In the first stanza, the traveler remembers standing at an intersection of two roads.

It tells about making choices leading to the right path. When a man approaches a fork in the road on which he is traveling, he must choose which path to take. This traveler man has to decide which road to take, one that is frequently traveled, and the one that is not.

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Essay on Robert Frost?s ?The Road Not Taken