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However, these symptoms are idiosyncratic and afflict only a minority of illicit users; the mechanism of these idiosyncratic responses remains unclear. Pros of Performance Enhancing Drugs The pros of using sports enhancing drugs include; physical enhancement, bigger body mass, improves strength and endurance, improved performance. My ninth question was a general question about the reasons for taking steroids by the athletes. It is the competition that everyone loves. This is for example the use of sports equipment that increases the performance of the athlete. For men, this can include low sperm count, smaller testicles, sterility and larger breast tissue. Do they want steroids to be a legal thing is sports or not. None of them went for motorsports or mentioned any other sports. In addition to the negative impact of cheating in sports, the side effects of anabolic and androgenic steroids present another negative realm of drug use in sport. Sports play a huge part in many different aspects of life and even science.

Steroids are just short term solutions to win in a competition. They have been used and abused by many groups, including professional athletes. British Journal of Sports Medicine, July Gaining that little bit of competitiveness can lead to greater increases in performance but may affect an athletes overall health.

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Some of the professional baseball players that have admitted to steroids use Gary Sheffield, and Jason Giambi. Why do athletes use anabolic steroids? Athletes also seek this effect through the use of over the counter substances such as creatine, androstenedione, and erythropoietin especially at the high school level.

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The scientific evidence for the [performance-enhancing characteristics] of GH is weak, a fact that is not widely appreciated in athletic circles or by the general public. The usage of steroids provides an unfair advantage to non-user athletes and therefore should remain illegal for non-medical use.

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This is why many sports ban the use of these drugs. The body produces fewer disease fighting antibodies, making you more susceptible to get sick Mayo Clinic.

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