Relationship between europeans and native americans essay

The Europeans influence the culture of the Native American by bring diseases, constant warfare because the over taking of land, guns, steel hatchets, pots, and kettles of brass ,and even the way to….

Relationship between europeans and native americans essay

It killed whole tribes. Some of the larger native cultures probably numbered in the tens of thousands. It is a multifaceted story of dynamic cultures that in turn spawned intricate economic relationships and complex political alliances. Any discussion of the shift from white indentured servitude to African slavery must be approached with care. A third big change connected to this new trade was slavery. They began to fear the Indians and think of them as evil. The Native American World Like natives elsewhere in North America, those in the South practiced shifting seasonal subsistence, altering their diets and food gathering techniques to conform to the changing seasons. The Natives in the coastal villages had started trading with merchants early on in primitive, yet intelligent ways. Today we call those people American Indians. In the South—as elsewhere in North America—Indians had to rely on and therefore destroy plants and animals that they regarded as spiritual kin.

As it became clear that southern soils would yield few precious minerals, all three nations turned their attention to other products from southern forests.

As a result, increasing number of European colonies came to North America, trying to find new chances for lives.

To clear farmland, the natives used fire and stone axes to remove smaller brush and timber. Peter H. They cut down trees.

Native american essay

Bald cypress and Atlantic white cedar became the preferred woods for shingles and clapboard. What was early contact like between Europeans and Natives? Consequently, such little tension or anxiety over salvation allowed Native Americans to focus on this-world Some students like Ulrich B. Free-roaming livestock had to be protected from native predators, especially wolves. Each group was heavily influenced by the environment and ecosystem they lived in. Another problem between the settlers and the Indians involved religion. For the most part, planters who raised cash crops engaged in monoculture, the practice of planting only a single crop per field.

Such laws, however, were almost impossible to enforce and inVirginia decided to invoke a four-year moratorium on deer hunting in an effort to save the lucrative trade in leather products. The settlers themselves began the violence and were the only real problem that kept Native Americans and whites from living together in peace.

Differences between native american and white settlers

Africans brought crucial environmental knowledge to southern fields and forests. From their perspective, any land that had not been thoroughly settled and cultivated was useless. But Indian people survived diseases, huge shifts in their cultures, and even the destructive slave trade. The use of fire to clear new fields was also a technique used with which Africans had long been familiar. Over the course of the next 10, years, through dispersal and adaptation to very different geography and climate, a multiplicity of tribes with widely divergent cultures developed. Free-roaming livestock had to be protected from native predators, especially wolves. Fields then lay fallow—sometimes for as long as 20 years—before they recouped enough fertility to produce more food and cash crops. These captured Indians were bought and sold as slaves. The arrival of Europeans into the New World meant new political relationships for both the European and the Native Americans.

Consequently, those who hunted animals, farmed, or gathered wild foods had to observe certain guidelines and practice particular rituals designed to demonstrate respect for the spiritual world.

Any discussion of the shift from white indentured servitude to African slavery must be approached with care.

Native american and european essay

Sometimes the illnesses spread through direct contact with colonists. Before the port city of Charleston shipped out many Native slaves to work in the Caribbean or to be sold in northern cities like Boston. As the years passed, more and more settlers arrived, and took more and more land. However, when it became apparent that these new lands were inhibited the motives changed, and then the natives were colonized, abused, and in many cases killed. Several Europeans wanted to claim the land as their own, but the land had already been inhabited. They cut down trees. Whereas native people had hunted deer and other animals for meat, colonists relied on cattle and hogs raised on the open range in southern forests. After the European tried to colonized, the Native American suddenly found themselves dealing with European power politics. Interactions between Europeans and biologically vulnerable Indians left them susceptible to the deadly Old World diseases, killing as many as 90 percent of natives. However, because southern Indians lived in relatively small villages and frequently moved in conjunction with the seasons, malarial outbreaks were rare before European settlement. Lean times were inevitable. The native world was not a place of ecological perfection.

As a result, many settlers came to believe that the Native Americans could not be trusted because they were not Christians. What was early contact like between Europeans and Natives?

native american vs european settlers
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Europeans vs. Native Americans Essay