Reaction paper death of a salesman

Death of a Salesman challenges the effects of the American dream in a negative way.

Reaction paper death of a salesman

Instill confidence and enthusiasm by noting an employee's. The two brothers show contrasting beliefs, principles, and consequently, values. I myself do not seem him as a tragic hero in anyway, the characteristics of a tragic hero include the following; Nobility or Wisdom, A flaw or error of Judgment, A reversal of fortune, Discovery or recognition of said reversal, you must feel dramatic irony for the character, and the characters fate must be greater than deserved. When Arthur got credits to join the University of Michigan, he didn't have enough income to pay his university fee. Unfortunately, the next day does not go as expected and everything crumbled. The American Dream is a large part of the American identity which is reflected heavily in both American culture and Literature. This is a service that he has got no thanks or recognition for from his parents who do nothing towards the up keep of the household and just expect Gregor to take care of everything Seminar: Literary Theory Applied to H. Many believe that success is about being wealthy. Words: - Pages: 6 Death of a Salesman The deadlines are pressing and you have no time to handle all your academic assignments? His business never took off therefore he sees himself as a failure and is constantly fantasizing on what his life could have been like.

However, later in the play Miller makes it obvious that this is not true. The Great Gatsby was written by F.

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It forces you to evaluate the ethics and principles of the culture we live in. He chooses to put aside his real talents to pursue a fantasy. Anything people do out of kindness is simply that, kindness. Rather than drawing the audience's attention to "what" Willy sells, Miller chooses to focus on the fact that Willy is a "salesman.

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Biff realizes that Willy has created a false image of himself for his family, society, and even for himself. He, like everyone, has both good and bad personality traits.

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Miller explains that a tragic hero is created when he begins to observe the harmonious universe and realizes that he cannot change this balance, because he starts to panic and worry about what his purpose is in life. In a flashback, Willy tells his sons what it takes to be successful in America. At one point, Willy was a moderately successful salesman opening new territory in New England, and Biff and Happy viewed him as a model father. Willy, just like the typical person, was not ready to die and feared death. Miller demonstrates the qualities he identifies with tragic heroes through the character Willy Loman, in his drama Death of a Salesman. The main character Willy is partially a tragic hero in the sense that he is not really renowned or prosperous or for any matter really cared about by his co workers. If he runs as a salesman or owns a company, then his son must follow the footsteps to keep the business running. His two sons Happy and Biff are not of much help, and in fact are struggling to reach financial success of their own. He does so in order to retain his hope in Biff, wishing that someday he will achieve his American Dream through Biff. He is clinging to his beliefs and ideals of having the American dream and he is still travelling as a salesman in a job that does not even pay enough. In the beginning, Miller introduces Willy's flawed insight linking personal attractiveness to success. Throughout the novel, Willy is in a constant state of mental dissillusionment. Words: - Pages: 4 Death of a Salesman Even when unjustified.

Willy is not an invincible father or a loyal husband or a fantastically successful salesman like he wants everyone to believe. Throughout the novel, the outward conformity and inward questioning of Willy often create contradicting tension.

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The play by Arthur Miller is based on the difficulty of achieving economic and individual success in a World War II society.

His father leaves him and Ben leaves for Alaska finding riches in diamonds. His business never took off therefore he sees himself as a failure and is constantly fantasizing on what his life could have been like.

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Death of a Salesman