Psychosynthesis and the will

Ideas and images tend to awaken emotions and feelings that correspond to them. By the will-to-understand.

Psychosynthesis and the will

Spiritual psychosynthesis aims to integrate material from the higher unconscious into aspects of the personality Firman and Gila At the same time, the counselor is aware of her own relationship to herself, her client, whatever is manifesting in the counseling room, and the Self.

This mirrors my AA experience.

Therefore it is necessary, both for the general welfare and our own, that our will should be good, as well as strong and skilful. It is a benevolent attitude and disposition towards others. Throughout the process of psychosynthesis, the will is continually evoked and strengthened. A knowledge of the psychological constitution of the human being; b. When disasters occur, he will stand firm as a rock, even though faced on all sides by ruin, while his companions in distress will be swept aside as the chaff from the sieve. Assagioli R. They have endeavoured and are endeavouring to replace competition by co-operation, conflict by arbitration and agreements, based on understanding of the right relationships between groups, classes and nations. It is not easy because it requires of us that we be almost dual: the one who acts, and the one who simultaneously looks on as the observer; yet simply to try to do this constitutes a good way of developing the will. Relating to Self may lead for example to engagement with addictions and compulsions, to the heights of creative and religious experience, to the mysteries of unitive experience, to issues of meaning and mortality, to grappling with early childhood wounding, to discerning a sense of purpose and meaning in life. It is too extensive, too comprehensive.

Psychosynthesis, p. Misunderstandings about the will arise from the misconception that strong will represents the whole will. The psychosynthesis counselor is continually working in relationship with the client, guiding the client to a fuller relationship to his or herself, others, and ultimately the Self.

Ferrucci R. Featured Book The Magic of Psychosynthesis Initiation and Self Development The aim of both Psychosynthesis and Initiation is for you to become more aware of your Self and your True Will, to uncover what has been previously hidden both in you and in your understanding of the forces of nature, to become increasingly autonomous whilst deepening your interconnectedness with all other living beings.

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If one identifies oneself with the emerging spiritual consciousness and transfers the self-identity to each higher level, then 3. Psychological complexes find and use—without our awareness, independent of, or even against, our will—the means of achieving their aims.

Ferrucci R. It is "I" who is aware of the psyche-soma contents as they pass in and out of awareness; the contents come and go, while "I" may remain present to each experience as it arises. The next step is to then awaken and manifest the higher aspects of both. The self-centered individual may sincerely want to do good, but only in his own way; therefore he is likely to be overbearing or fanatical. Self[ edit ] Pervading all the areas mapped by the oval diagram, distinct but not separate from all of them, is Self which has also been called Higher Self or Transpersonal Self. Paradoxically, the Self is both personal and universal—it is dual in nature. We can think of the will like the engine of a car our life and we are the ones driving the car. Consequently, Assagioli asserted that the Self is not necessarily religious, dogmatic, or tied to any specific symbolic forms. Spiritual psychosynthesis aims to integrate material from the higher unconscious into aspects of the personality Firman and Gila I maintain an attitude, not of submission and resignation, but to will actively what I am doing, and it is this that gives me satisfaction. Finally, we must learn how to alternate between love and will in such a way that each arouses and reinforces the other. One often sees this in boys who begin to fight for fun and, gradually becoming excited, end by fighting in earnest. He says, in order to gain a complete picture of the will, and a grasp on how to train it, we first need to understand these aspects and qualities of the will. Nevertheless, no matter how aware we might be, we also live within our fields of personal unconsciousness, which Assagioli has subdivided into lower 1 , middle 2 , and higher 3 unconsciousness see Fig.

All I could think about was the next drink. He is unable to make adequate use of his talents and aptitudes; he is unable to live up to his convictions.

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Psychosynthesis: A Foundational Bridge Between Psychology and Spirituality