Project report on tanishq

Project report on tanishq

In India, it accounts for nearly 20 per cent of total Indian exports. According to Kurian, the first part of the strategy was "to provide a point of differentiation in a highly commoditized category — which is the whole point of branding. There was a rise in demand for lightweight jewellery, especially from consumers in the 16 to 25 age group, who regarded jewellery as an accessory and not an investment. As the jewellery market was highly fragmented, lacked branding, and allowed many unethical practices to flourish, Tanishq worked hard on a two-pronged brand-building strategy: cultivate trust by educating customers about the unethical practices in the business and change the perception of jewellery as a high-priced purchase. Jewellery made of karat gold was not favored as it was considered a poor investment. The Indian market is laden with gold jewellery of varying karatage, which has seen huge appreciation in value terms in recent times. So, the designs became more ethnic.

All That Glitters is Not Gold Branded jewellery players will continue to face lot of competition from local jewellers. After its launch, Tanishq faced several problems.

The emphasis had to be on design because local jewellers could offer to design any pattern according to the customer's specifications.

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In India, it accounts for nearly 20 per cent of total Indian exports. For a national brand a generic design concept with regional variations had to be evolved. In the s, a number of brands entered the Indian jewellery market. In the s, the number of retail jewellery outlets in India increased greatly due to the abolition of the Gold Control Act.

To stay ahead of competition from local jewellers, Tanishq decided to focus on quality control. Many potential customers thought the products were over priced and associated the brand only with the rich. Most of the branded jewellery players in India focused on yellow gold; only a few of them experimented with the pink and white forms of gold.

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