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Briggs gets up and walks towards her. Briggs tells Mrs Kay that the driver is a headcase.

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This is irony because now he trusts the children for the first time, they have done wrong but when he was shotuing at them, they had done nothing wrong. He is quite difficult to understand and he takes a lot of different interpretations to fully understand him.

She knows that the trust for the progress class doesn't last for long.

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Go on move. They both cant agree so she tells him that they are all going to the beach and if he doesnt like it, he can walk home.

Briggs finds Carol at the top of a cliff.

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This is the bloody zoo in here. Briggs starts to calm down a bit and really starts communicating with the children, instead of bellowing at them. He totally mis understands whats going on and later threatens Susan with reporting ehr behaviour. Russell left school at the age of fifteen with no formal qualifications. Comedy is a main ingredient to the play. Ames realized that the plumber was talking about something she understood the stopped elbow , she realized that her marital problems were not the result of a division betwwen the sexes; instead, she realized that some men, like the plumber, are as practical as she is, and that some other men, like her husband, scorn people like her because they are intellectually inclined This shows that she is a laid back teacher and she doesn't care. Carol begins to worry Mrs Kay because she seems misarable and not joining in with the rest of the class. She tells him why she wants to stay there but he doesnt understand, again he tells her shes being silly but this time he says it kindly. This is the first time we see him listen and care about a pupil and see him ask a pupil rather than telling them. She asks him if he cares and he assures her he does but it still sounds like a teachers care. Then, there is the scene when Mrs.

And later on, he asks Briggs to "try and keep things in some sort of order. When he gets back on the coach he is furious.

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This is the bloody zoo in here. Mrs Kay has told the children that if they want to know anything ask Mr Briggs. This is the first time we see him listen and care about a pupil and see him ask a pupil rather than telling them. Mr Briggs explodes! Briggs doesnt understand why he hates it so much because its a nice place but this shows he doesnt understand about the lifes these people have. Briggs begins his usual self by shouting he is probly cross that she has wasted their time. He hasnt seen her. A funny scene with Colin Susan and Reily but its only important because Briggs has been watching them and disapproves of their behaviour. Kay reassures him that they will be okay. Go on move.
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