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I was assigned on credit Sections for three 03 months.

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Different authors described different principles for sound lending. It opens new accounts, remit funds, issue bank drafts and pay orders etc. The purpose for this loan is to get higher education.

Letter of guarantee: Business Enterprises Other than Public Limited Company engaged in construction, supply and other business can apply for this loan to participate in tender s invited by Govt.

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Cash credit hypothecation: Cash credit allowed against hypothecation of goods is known as cash credit hypothecation. So I could not go in depth of the study.

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Also offer Customer facility. The rest 20 percent of the total deposit has to be kept in the Bangladesh Bank as government policy. In case of MT four 4 copies of vouchers are prepared. They will see that no delay is caused in completing formalities and processes which may create problem to the borrowers to divert funds elsewhere or want of scope for investment and thus the funds become stuck up ultimately. Reason 2. Generally it is given to the businessmen to increase their business activities. Commercial Viability iv. Current Deposit. The tenor for this loan is maximum 12 twelve months.

The situation calls for expertise in the field of foreign operations. The tenor of the loan is maximum 5 five years including grace period.

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The loans are classified based on following criteria. In when the Government allowed banks in the private sector, IFIC was converted into a fully fledged commercial bank. Whether the loan should be given only the private sector or also in government sector as well. Banks provide necessary funds for executing various programmes underway in the process of economic development. Service charge is 0. Account is opened Issuance of deposit slip and the deposit must be made in cash. Financial viability v. Always banker should fix such an interest rate for its lending which should be higher than its saving deposits interest rate. Minimum age 21 twenty one years. The management can consider options of starting merchant banking or diversity of leasing and insurance. Import or procurement of merchandize Risk 4.
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Financial Highlights of IFIC Bank Ltd.