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Porter five forces analysis, categorized as three threats and two bargaining forces, is put forward a business strategy model for the marketing since the model is used to access internal and external conditions of a certain industry or a specific organization.

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KFC China closely monitors the entire supply chain, all the way back to animal feed companies and other input providers, and it trains employees in personal hygiene, including how to dress for the workplace and how often to wash their hands. J,Rossiter, J. High employee turnover. In addition, the detailed marketing segmentation and targeting customers positioning can be also studied. Implied Objectives 1. As the interview implies, ome investigations have been made to explore and evaluate its marketing strategies from its performance the business environment. When the trial operation for a month can be ended in a succeed way, the business can be started in a formal way. At the same time, low cost advertising watched by millions of Chinese can be further issued to carry out its popularization campaign. It is the localization in the cooking procedures that helps KFC to get a large target customers of children in China by means of adding Chinese ingredients to the KFC spicy chicken sandwich chickens. To what degree can they adapt their products to cater for consumers in those markets? As to KFC, environmental pollution elimination should be viewed as a sally port in the fierce competition to gain competition advantage.

As a branch of Yum! Training employees in service. In order to control quality and service issues KFC can continue to buy back unprofitable franchised restaurants and convert them into company owned restaurants. For example, KFC in Beijing adapt its menu by districting its products from other fast food chains in China.

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At the same time, low cost advertising watched by millions of Chinese can be further issued to carry out its popularization campaign.

This essay will be divided as five parts; the first chapter is a general introduction about the issue including a background review and specific aims and objectives of the research as well as a methodology outline of the essay.

KFC needs to decide whether to pursue product differentiation or lower cost through distribution to gain an overall competitive advantage in the fast-food industry.

Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services. During the management process of KFC, it has used a lot of different international business strategies all over the world.

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By KFC was expanding again by building new units due to a successful implementation of the strategy. For this reason, product localization has required that the company constantly strive to adapt its offerings to the specific region. On one hand, the interview and questionnaires should be conducted in a spontaneous way and in the meanwhile, the materials of the interviews should be rich and specific.

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They may not be considered a major threat as they are not as convenient and their products are slightly offered at a higher price. In the recent years, food safety problems occurred frequently in China so that there are health and nutrition consciousness emerges and grows among the global world. In relations to its potential threats, KFC can continue to pursue its strategies due to its strong brand name and reputation. As a part of R. Broadly speaking,price is always varied with the factors of costs, regulations of government, market conditions and rate of change, and competition in the international markets Brena,L, Michael K. In addition, to establish good brand reputation, KFC also takes part in many charitable events in China. There are minimal costs associated with training these employees and thus the industry tends to have a high turn over rate.
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