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Maybe Algiers. Even the language on the street signs has changed, to angular Tamil from the curvy flowers of Sinhalese.

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Dried fish for sale in Jaffna. We stayed in a small family — run guest house in a quiet residential area.

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A pool built surrounding the springs is a sought after bathing place believed to cure many physical ailments including disfigured faces. The peace is back now and there is absolutely no danger in travelling to Jaffna.

As long as you know where you are going, you can also ask other people and they are almost always ready to help.

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The ferry is an experience in itself! Wetland bird species that can be seen in Wilpattu are the Garganey, Pin tail, Whistlingteal, Spoonbill White ibis, large white egret, Cattle egret and Purple heron.

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They search multiple sites to find the best possible deal for your dates. The town was the center of the majority of civil wars and battles. We picked one and discovered that it served the most amazing tandoori chicken any of us had ever tried. A giant elephant and a small girl. Decades of war and struggle have left an inevitable and heartbreaking gap in the recorded history of the region. Charty Beach Located about 23kms north of Jaffna town, Charty Beach is a clean and prestigious beach that one must visit. This building is one of the monuments of Jaffna, located very close to the town.
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Jaffna Sri Lanka. Complete Guide ( Must Visit! )