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Why we provide some templates for free Our motivations for providing free will templates are both ethical and commercial.

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Trusts are a complicated concept, which we explain here. The reason why most people don't write a will is the financial cost of doing so.

As such, you should plan for your funeral, including how and where it is to be conducted, and allocate money for it.

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Directions for valuation of your estate After your death, it is unlikely that those closest to you will be thinking hard about the cost of winding up your estate. The Trustee may, in the Trustee's discretion, invest and reinvest trust funds in any kind of real or personal property and any kind of investment, provided that the Trustee acts with the care, skill, prudence and diligence, considering all financial and economic considerations, that a prudent person acting in a similar capacity and familiar with such matters would use. While you do not necessarily need a lawyer to make a Will legal, your state may have specific signing requirements so it may be beneficial to ask a lawyer about your state laws. Name alternate beneficiaries in case of simultaneous death. Pick a guardian s for your children If you have minor children, you and the other parent will need to decide who will care for them if you both should pass. Make sure to leave your usernames and passwords so the person you assigned to manage your digital assets can fulfill their duties. You should also name an alternate executor should your first choice not be available or willing at the time. The entire estate residue is to be divided between my designated beneficiaries with the beneficiaries receiving a share of the entire estate residue.

Note: It may not be a requirement in your jurisdiction for the witnesses to sign in one another's presence. Digital assets may include information stored on hard drives, laptops or online accounts. Those tax advantages are no longer so advantageous, but using a discretionary trust can protect your estate from claims by creditors or in divorce settlements or if your husband or wife remarries.

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The term 'child' or 'children' as used in this my Will includes the above listed children and any children of mine that are subsequently born or legally adopted.

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