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Consider data privacy a fundamental part of planning and the research process, and maintain a clear, concise and easy to understand privacy or terms of use policy that describes the ways respondent data is collected, used, disclosed and managed.

These values facilitate best practices when transacting business with the public and all involved. The company uses this information to reach the customer with targeted advertising, but the process of targeting can have a chilling effect on personal freedom.

And improving marketing strategies, polices, and brand personality, on an ongoing basis will position your company as an innovative experience to be repeated and passed on.

Unlicensed access may or may not be permitted under fair use doctrines, and care is recommended in exploring this still-evolving area. The compilation of lists, registers or databanks of names and addresses for any non-research purpose, such as in canvassing or fund raising.

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Researchers also have responsibilities in reporting research results to clients and the public. If they do, do you know how you will respond? A description of the population frame, the sample design, sample implementation results, weighting or estimating procedures, and special analysis. At no time may such research be shared with other entities without the express written permission of the original client s. Exceptions: In limited instances, bona fide research projects may require, as part of their design, that respondents remain unaware of specific details such as in message testing. In short, research results should stand on their own, allowing anyone who reads them to have the full context in which to understand and interpret the results. The SEC may impose the following types of sanctions: Warning — An informal condemnation which may be delivered orally or in writing. Limiting data usage to those purposes communicated to, or that might be reasonably expected by respondent. Ensure that respondents are informed at the outset if an interview or discussion is being audio or video recorded and obtain written consent if the recorded interview or discussion will be viewed by a third-party or reproduced for outside use. Obtain consent from respondents prior to utilizing their data in a manner materially different from that to which the respondent has agreed. By putting the good of the community and associates over profit, companies will indeed see an increase in the number of consumers willing to pay premium prices for their products.

These are collected as a matter of process or for quality assurance. Not using sample or lists for any purpose other than legitimate research purposes.

A company that uses ethical and socially responsible marketing strategy will gain the respect and trust of the customers they target and interact with. Conducting commercial or political activities under the guise of opinion and marketing research undermines public trust in the profession and erodes the goodwill that makes research possible.

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All decisions regarding reinstatement will be determined by the SEC and will be considered final. Consent must be granted expressly for participation in any subsequent studies.

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Researcher should protect anonymity and confidentiality of information collected from respondents. Secondary research also known as desk research involves the summary, collation or synthesis of existing research rather than primary research, where data is collected from, for example, research subjects or experiments. Members will never represent non-research activities as research studies. Informing respondent of the possibility for re-contact for follow-up. The acquisition of information for use by credit rating services or similar organizations. Accepting work from competing clients does not automatically present a conflict, provided that project resources are never commingled and confidentiality is fully maintained. So with this in mind, firms should create an ethically sound marketing plan and integrate it into all aspects of their marketing mix. Honesty: Ensuring a product satisfies a need it promises to, or aids in providing a lifestyle it advertises. These guidelines are for Research users, interviewers and research practitioners. Report research results accurately and honestly. When collecting data, maintain an internal do-not-contact database as a complement to requests made by respondents for future communications and participation in marketing research projects. Respect that all information contained in an interviewing facility, sample provider or similar database, or held by an independent recruiter, is the sole property of those entities and are not to be acquired for any business purpose without express written consent of the owner. The principles of this code include: Truthfulness, which is an accurate representation of products and support of claims, made.

Expulsion — If a member is expelled from MRA, they can apply for reinstatement no less than one year after expulsion and must provide a written assurance that remedial action has been taken to ensure that the violation s named in the complaint will not be repeated.

Build public confidence in marketing research.

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