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AO3 update bot for Osomatsu-san. There is even a question as to wether the Avengers can bond together again. Harm exhibits traits of a sociopathic personality with dissociative tendencies, given that he killed his younger sister—the only person he proclaimed to care about—in order to acquire the ability to use the Sword of Beowulf.

Loki is twenty-eight. All asks will be responded to privately unless I think a lot of people would benefit from seeing it or you send it on anon!. Set during the avengers. Stranded in Midgard without any real sense of direction, one very bored and very pregnant girl offers Loki her couch and an endless list of questions.

I keep getting messages and submissions asking me to, and I don't want you guys to feel like my lack of response is personal or because I hate you or your fic. Warnings: Body Horror, Self Harm. Peter assumes Loki is the same one who attacked New York--murderous, evil, and willing to do what it takes to win.

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Loki POV. Harm is a sociopathic supervillain.

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About Loki and self-harm, how do you think plays the fact that his reaction to pain is shot to hell after all he went through? Stripped of his powers and imprisoned in the dungeon, Loki protests in the only way he can — by self harming and refusing food in an attempt to starve himself to death. Based on movie, not comics so I've warned you if there are discrepancies. Sebastian discovers that he sees the city he loves in a different light now that he's seeing it with the love of his life. The story follows Tony from the beginning of Iron Man and hones in on his creation of robots like Dum-e and U. First extended Omega! All fics automatically recommended by the bot are the only ones this blog will provide.

Loki had ordered The Teacher to escort you to his chambers while he attended to other business. Browse through and read avenger romance fanfiction stories and books. Tony's heard a whole load of rumors about this Loki, God of Trickery

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