How to write a good query letter for a script

Query letter for screenplay sample

Then I'd be more likely to find a screenplay that I could do something with. Two sentence loglines will probably kill your chances of getting read. Who do you know that is working in the business? I recently sold a film noir screenplay, Rushlights. It's the content that's going to win them over in the end! Industry professionals view query letters as a reflection of the writer's screenplay and writing skills, so the assumption will be if the query letter is poor, then the script will be, too. No one wants to read a screenplay unless there's a chance she could do something with it, so if someone reads your query and asks you to send him your screenplay, she thinks you have a hook. It's all about the story. Easy peasey, lemon squeezy.

Begin with a strong hook that will intrigue the agent so that he requests your script. Take the leap with this powerful tool, because it has the power to pay off in the only way that counts — getting someone to want to read your material.

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Include a self-addressed-stamped-envelop SASE for the editor's reply. I am only saying that if your concept doesn't query well, then either: you're not getting through to people how wonderful your idea is, and you need to rewrite your query, or people don't think it's that wonderful an idea, and you need a better idea.

how to write a good query letter for a script

Please let me know if I can send you the pilot, and thanks for your time and consideration. A single sentence is highly preferred.

You can also find loglines for any existing movies on IMDB. I understand that you love your story and want to tell us all about it, because to know it is to love it.

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They may ask for a synopsis.

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