George washington spymaster

His spies had achieved such professionalism that he had to appeal to Gov. Experience at close quarters the successes and failures of the Americans as they strive to outwit the British.

The British were coming to get him.

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This small-format book looks like a publication from the s. They get plenty of provisions and have got better cloes now than ever they had.

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His alias, Samuel Culper— which Tallmadge and Washington had thought up over a few glasses of claret—provided only flimsy cover. In order to win, he needed to out-maneuver and out-smart the enemy. Leaping from his chair, Woodhull knocked the vial of ink to the floor, and the precious liquid oozed away beneath his feet.

It's also good for adults who don't want to read a heavy tome on the subject. Lydia Darragh smiled and said nothing. Enter the shadowy world of double agents, covert operations, codes and ciphers—a world so secret that America's spymaster himself doesn't know the identities of some of his agents.

Throughout Europe every British embassy had its intelligence network.

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George Washington, Spymaster