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There have been documentation of seven contemporaneous memos Comey wrote of his interactions with Trump between January and Aprilspanning from prior to the inauguration to weeks before he was fired.

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Attorney John Durham. During that period, the FBI had collected political intelligence on prominent politicians, social justice advocates and others it perceived as dangerous. Although several Apple employees appear to have been interviewed, the report notes that "the Apple Computer Company has been less than cooperative, in terms of providing assistance as requested of the Legal Department.

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The information on the Top Secret security clearance Jobs held is sparse in the document, which only mentions that he obtained the clearance on Aug. In response, Attorney General Harlan Fiske Stone publicly issued investigative guidelines that banned FBI agents from collecting intelligence related to noncriminal activity.

Trump has vociferously denied both these accounts. The lawsuit revolved around issues pertaining to the Lisa computer and concerns by shareholders that it was not marketed correctly, actions that they alleged caused them and the company losses.

The meeting and memo were significant because they marked a shift for the FBI.

Fbi notes

Trump has vociferously denied both these accounts. The background check for an appointment to the president's Export Council, under former President George H. Bush, included interviews with friends and colleagues to make sure there was nothing in Jobs' background that would open him to blackmail. It seems a somewhat similar but unique situation may have unfolded with Comey. They include the Apple suit against him for alleged breach of fiduciary duties and misappropriation of trade secrets — stemming from accusations that he took proprietary information and key technical personnel with him when he and Apple parted ways. While on a book tour last spring, Comey told CNN that he had written "somewhere between five and A class-action lawsuit, not listed by Jobs but discussed by the FBI, was filed in by shareholders and was slated to begin April 22, Comey gave these agents four memos as "evidence," according to an FBI log from June 9, FBI director memos.

To date, this letter has not surfaced either at the FBI or among the Nixon papers.

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FBI: Russia Wanted Trump