Fayols principles of management in mcdonalds

Unity of command: All the jobs in Mc Donalds are well-defined and streamlined such that each employee reports to a particular manager whereas all of them report to restaurant branch manager.

The branch manager has full authority to give orders to the employees. Prince answered this Dear Student, In the yearHenry Fayol, a french mining engineer and practitioner introduced 14 principles of management which were popularly known as 'Fayol's principles of management'.

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Fayol suggested that management is a universal human activity that applies equally well to the family as it does to the corporation. Esprit de corps:Mc Donalds inculcates team spirit amongst the employees of a restaurant by providing performance driven incentives to branches on the basis of their performance.

Moreover in order to ensure that the right person is hired for the right job Mc Donalds ensures McDonald's inducts all new employees into the business through a Welcome Meeting, which they must attend. Employees are allowed a five minute break every two hours and a half an hour break every four hours; they respect such rules that govern the organization.

The Welcome Meeting gives an overview of the Company, including: job role, food, hygiene and safety training, Policies and procedures administration benefits.

Even today, after a century has passed since the development, some principles of management can still be noticed. Order:Each food item has its own machine.

Unity of Direction - Teams with the same objectives work together. Remuneration:Employees of Mc Donalds are paid on an hourly basis which is why the attrition rate is very high.

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Let us consider McDonalds only, the following generic principles can be noticed: 1. Another group remain in the kitchen and do the cooking. Each food item has its own machine. Unity of Command - Employees have one direct supervisor. Unity of Direction - Teams with the same objectives work together. Therefore, It follows a balanced policy of centralisation and decentralisation in which top level management only takes most significant decisions, and the small decisions can be taken by lower level of management and its employees, 7. There is one toaster-grill for each kind of bun, and one fryer for each kind of burger. It also allows employees with various incentive schemes based oh their performance and other benefits such as medical insurance etc.

Equity :Managers at Mc Donalds treat their subordinates, i. Discipline:All the employees of Mc Donalds have a clear understanding of there job.

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Order - The workplace facilities are clean, tidy and safe for employees.

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Management Theories of Mcdonald's Essay