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Winthrop shows his desire for his city upon a hill through his motivational speaking to the Puritans and suggesting them to have this sense of community to succeed their goal and to have faith in God and in his ways, to succeed in this pride of accomplishment. Christians are held together. Religion is used as a way of connecting with the Puritans. His method is effective because he is speaking to a body of Christians that will respond to scripture in Winthrop demonstrates the significance of justice and mercy by emphasizing conduct, especially toward others who are in distress. Basically, The Evangelical Alliance was set up to manage the aid that needed to be given to refugees. He constantly refers to the Puritans as though they were the most important people to God, commanding all of His attention. Throughout his speech, Winthrop talked about the bonds and ties, during his speech he talked about the same theme using different words in order to reinforce the idea that a successful colony must keep absolute unity and conformity. One of the common themes that one can observe from the text is this, one must love their neighbor, be it friend or foe, and honor all around them in order for their New World to thrive. Forgive and let go. Through his profound words, Winthrop taught his fellow Puritans to be generous in their love for God. This was what Winthrop stated was a part of their covenant with God. The concept of individual damnation through sin is here applied to a whole people, binding them in their destruction.

So, ina group of ministers reached a compromise known as the Halfway Covenant. He says that he wants a city upon hill, he says this because he wants other societies to want to be like them.

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This proves once again, that Puritans were hypocritical in what they did. You can get a custom essay on Charity now! Ethics, derived from the Greek word Ethos, by definition is the character, fundamental values or disposition of a person. We are the land of the free and the home of the brave. How to cite this page Choose cite format:. He starts his sermon by stating that God created the rich and the poor. He says you must always forgive, debt must be forgiven. To Marian, this is probably the first time in a nursing home. He is also adamant about forgiving debtors who cannot repay loans. By doing so, the Lord will show them more favor. Through the Bible, Winthrop both reassures the community and forewarns them of the future.

Inmore than one hundred individuals were convicted of witchcraft. He uses the body of Christ and the Church as an example and model for perfection. Later on inthe organization, Tearfund was officially started when they changed the name from The Evangelical Alliance Relief Fund to Tearfund This love and these rules united the Puritans.

The audience is advised of the benefits of succeeding as a perfect community.

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John was political, he was great for having leadership skills and being a wise man. The whole speech is presented in the first plural person, that suggests that the Puritans Winthrop is one of themare undiversified group.

Is that fair to do to the rest of the team?

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A Model of Christian Charity