Essay on religion should not be mixed with politics

debate on religion and politics should be mixed in favour

According to me, every religion in this world focuses on one thing that is life is a give and take relationship. Leaders like Raj Thakre who separate people under the name of customs increase promote violence in the country. Religion is a small part of who they are - a part of the total person.

Thus, when the two are mixed, the results are bound to be disastrous. V said: Thu, Jun 23, AM Religion is the thing which makes the mankind to involve in particular activity by without knowing the impact of that.

Debate on religion and politics should not be mixed in favour

It not only detriment many lives but also have an adverse affect on property, infrastructure, climatic changes etc. But nowadays religion is turned as a major weakness to the society. Millions of believers across faiths and lands share those feelings and views. If these things happen in the country inside, it will also influence the internal relation of different states. Even animals are also provided but we the human being can only understand this and show our love for whatever we have been given. But as for as I concern it should be mixed because it will definitely increase the Integrity of any nation means. If it goes like this our government will destroy by fore-coming years. Jai Hind Jai Bharat. Whenever our political leaders have tried to favour one religion over the others, it has only led to communal violence. How to care one another. Rather than just blindly voting for the person of the same religion.

Religion does have a place in public life. And even politicians don't look into this matter. Similarly, the fact that many people adhere to other faiths affects American life, culture, and politics as well.

Mixing religion with politics is disastrous for the nation

So its divide the people. In order to free the mind of prejudices and become fully aware, this kind of mental conditioning right from birth, needs to be addressed so that we have the liberty to see the world in fresh, new ways. The two terms politics and religion may be different but in the modern world, everyone has their own problems. This can be only done by changing the mindset of the people and politicians. Just as others said our country is democratic and if religion and politics are mixed it may become a major issue. There need to be no point of difference between the religions as they are all the same. Even animals are also provided but we the human being can only understand this and show our love for whatever we have been given. This will help for the growth of that particular religion. So people moving and searching a secular politics. Nowadays we see many incidents happen between Hindu and Muslims because our politician mixes their politics with this sensitive thing and want to complete their personal agenda. And politicians should be trained in the basic principles of dharma. For every person his or her religion is the think on which he or she have their pride whereas politics is a think which is done for all the people of the country not for only a single person for their welfare so both are very different we should not mixed both. Politics is something to the development of a country, while religion is a belief where human race is running from many generation. As in India politicians mainly fight with the perception regarding Hindu and Muslim but the truth is, Muslim are not real minority there are many states in which Muslims are in majority. If we give birth to a party based on particular religion ex.

Karthikeyan said: Fri, Sep 24, PM Everyone is saying that religion should not be mixed with politics, why should not we mix with the politics, all foreign countries are believing that India is a good country religious country, even someone is saying that pal Thackeray is a mad, but according to my point of view, he is a good person because he only is having a religious patriotism and country patriotism and we should all have like that, we should not leave our country as a foreigners do.

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Religion should not be mixed with politics