Differing responses of china and japan

explain why american policy was successful in japan and a failure in china

It was fought primarily in Europe from the year to the year and lasted 4 years. Rating: 4. Japan proved to be the most flexible politically, whereas the strain of industrialization produced a series of revolutions in Russia. This expansion in this period took many forms.

The international political environment was crucial in structure Japanese imperialism particularly in two ways.

compare and contrast china and japan

Commander Mathew Perry, an officer of the highest rank in the navy of the United States sailed into Edo, japan in with a letter for the Togugawa family with four demands and requirements for the exchange of western technology, ending japans isolation.

By about Western civilization reached the high point of its long-standing global expansion. This angered the Chinese people and pushed them toward revolution. Both Russia and Japan had some common characteristics, which explained how they kept independent from Western interference for such a long period of time.

For years, japan stayed isolated and independent without a need for industrialization.

compare the responses of china and japan to imperialism brainly
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Japan / China Response Towards Western Penetration Essay