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I was spending too much time away from my family, I had become a workaholic, and I was exhausted.

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Cassard began playing from a Mozart sonata and Dessay turned to the audience questioning what was going on. She takes the stage again on April 29 in Boston.

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We also need to start encouraging classical singers to share their struggles and not be afraid to say they got hurt. For Ms. Here she was able to show a darker color to her voice. Laser and microsurgical techniques have improved the chances of recovery, but the cords do not heal quickly and convalescence can be lengthy - the Spanish soprano Lucrezia Bori did not speak above a whisper for two years after she had hers excised. We have too much to gain from each other and too much to lose by staying silent. The soprano has been outspoken for her displeasure of the opera world and her critics have noted that she no longer had a voice to sing the repertoire. Musicals, too. But in the middle section that torment and suffering came out ever so quickly. If you dig around online you can find stories of opera singers who have run into problems, but they are not easy to find. Fleming, is now shifting from the opera to the concert stage — who still sounded recognizably herself yet was still challenging herself, and who was still deliriously received by her fans. But in , the French soprano quit the operatic scene and dedicated herself to recitals, plays, and musicals. So I rested a bit, and started to sing again.

Dessay walked back on stage slowly moving to the piano as she sang the gentle yet yearning lines. The intensity rarely lifted: an admirable consistency of mood, though a consistency achieved at the expense of possibilities for variety.

These are all well known performers who sing very well and still ran into vocal problems. I must be careful, but I am fatalistic. Most of the singers he has performed on have been opera singers, because of the substantial demands on their voice.

But Cassard did not end the pieces for applause.

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I recently had a conversation with a world renowned singing voice specialist who has found it frustrating that none of their professional opera singers are willing to provide a written testimonial for public use. For Ms. Musicals, too.

On 27 Novembershe sang Barbara 's Perlimpinpin accompanied by Alexandre Tharaud at the national tribute to the victims of the November Paris attacks.

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