Computerized sales and inventory

In case of a fatal error the system will be divert towards the backup servers until the system is not fully recovered from it failure state. The information of products and suppliers can be quickly updated from time to time.

computer based inventory system

Easy to Learn There should be an adequate guide to help users learn to use the features of the application. Search Supplier Name - allows the admin and owner to view supplier informations.

The major problem of the owner to the existing system was the slow counting of the products during the inventory.

It can able to arrange by category, by brands and by suppliers. Scanning barcodes or QR codes is faster and easier than writing down stock numbers manually or flipping through pages of inventory sheets, looking for the correct item.

advantages of computerized system over manual system

The Admin and Owner must log-in first before editing their account.

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Pelts computerized sales and inventory system Essay Example