Comedies are more satisfying

What more could we ask for? However, Doc deviates from the original plan of returning with Marty once his lady love, Clara Mary Steenburgen ends up on the train. After three movies and a lifetime of adventures, it's time that both men settle down and live relatively normal lives.

It transpires that a night of passion with Jenny led to her becoming pregnant and Forrest discovers he's a dad. As part of his punishment for assaulting a police officer, Will undergoes therapy with unconventional therapist Sean Maguire Robin Williams.

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Phil's a better person by the end and it's always satisfying to see a character undergo positive personal growth. With no contemporary parts to repair it, Marty seems stuck in the past. A rare good studio note, we think you'll agree.

But will it be too late for the lost kingdom of the dwarves? Kint tells Special Agent Kujan Chazz Palminteri a tale of what happened after he and four other crooks were hauled in for a police line-up. Kids had literally grown up with the movies over ten years and like the majority of audience, it's a closing of the childhood chapter of Harry's life.

The future is unwritten for both of them and it's up to them to make it a good one. And who can forget the various traps awaiting the seekers of the Holy Grail, from buzzing saw blades to invisible bridges? Whilst a terrorist succeeding in sending society back to the Stone Age isn't what you'd expect as classically satisfying, it's an oddly uplifting ending and it sums up the movie perfectly.

As everyone knows, things come to a head for Carrie at the prom.

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30 Most Satisfying Movies Ever