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The fight over the future of social housing in Britain Read more We met on the hill in between the two blocks, like spies in a cold war film. Harris Fine Arts Center , which features a largely Brutalist style of architecture. But there are two strong arguments to be made in defence of these buildings. There is a massive shortage of appropriate housing in the UK, especially in the South-East. The wider issue is the sustained assault on social housing over the past 35 years. Many became hot spots for crime as they fell into disrepair, and concrete proved to not age well. The debate around social housing and the Brutalist architecture that embodies it has been raging for half a century. Secondly, refurbishment offers a much more efficient way to create spacious, affordable housing. Even Kanye's new Yeezy office is heavily influenced by the movement.

Council housing and violence, we are lead to believe, are synonymous with one another, a long established media tradition that has its roots in the political and social prejudices around post-war developments.

He stated that the reinforced concrete "does not age gracefully but instead crumbles, stains, and decays", which makes alternative building styles superior.

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Email As with Hawaiian shirts and Lionel Richie, it's always a testament to the fickle whims of fashion and fancy when something way out of style becomes so beloved again.

It was a daring and exciting architectural movement, and there are few places on the map without a decent brutalist example or two.

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The movement was vilified, and the buildings it yielded became synonymous with crime-ridden, trash-strewn, fluorescently lit, graffitied menaces. What then happens is you have a huge period of de-industrialisation, which disproportionately affects people living on estates. Yo-pros love a bit of raw concrete. But it was also the architecture of a paternalistic culture: politicians, architects and planners who believed they knew what was good for the masses — domestically and culturally — and were entitled to decide this on their behalf. Peter's Seminary , named by Prospect magazine's survey of architects as Scotland's greatest post-war building, have been the subject of conservation campaigns. Not only was my personal opinion on Brutalist aesthetic swayed, but I started to pay attention to the wider and infinitely more important social backdrop of the Brutalist landscape. Fast-forward a few decades, however, and it's back as a desired stylistic pose—or perhaps a concrete bunker in which we can all take shelter. They can't be easily remodeled or changed, so they tend to stay the way the architect intended.

The Twentieth Century Society has tried in vain to have it listed, but Tower Hamlets council is determined to knock it down and replace its flats with up to 1, new homes.

Whittington is just one of many housing estatesbuilt in the postwar years after bombing destroyed much housing in London and other cities, such as Sheffield.


There is a massive shortage of appropriate housing in the UK, especially in the South-East. The idea was that brutalist buildings would be egalitarian.

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The 9 Brutalist Wonders of the Architecture World