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We must also sell the service and charge for it separately. While the specifics of your actual startup will differ, the elements you'd want to include in your restaurant's business plan are likely to be very similar. Full-length resumes should be appended to the plan. Will you be selling wholesale or retail? My line of business: E. Instead, look for a plan that's related to the type of business you're starting. We find that the larger companies turn to other vendors, but we can sell to departments of larger companies, and we shouldn't give up such leads when we get them. I want to sell these products: E. Looking at a sample plan's financials section can be helpful because you can see what should be included, but take them with a grain of salt. Supplies If your business is manufacturing, retail, food services, etc. We say that our target market has 10 to 50 employees, and requires five to 20 connect workstations in a local area network, however, the definition is flexible.

Include factors that may affect the time frame of production and how you'll deal with potential problems such as rush orders. I want to sell these products: E.

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Top Sections. Local Media It's time to work more closely with the local media.

free business plan

Use a sample as a guide Every startup and small business is unique, so you'll want to avoid copying a sample plan word for word. Unfortunately, we cannot sell the products at a higher price simply because we offer services; the market has shown that it will not support that concept.

We sell the assurance to small business people that their business will not suffer any information technology disasters or critical downtimes. Our target companies are large enough to require the kind of high-quality information technology management we offer but too small to have a separate computer management staff such as an MIS department.

You'll also look at where you stand among your competition and everyone has competitionand lay out your goals and the milestones you'll need to meet.

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Our focus group sessions indicated that our target home office buyers think about the price but would buy based on quality service if the offering were properly presented. Management Team Describe managers and their roles, key employee positions, and how each will be compensated. There is no doubt that we face stiffer competition from box pushers than from other service providers. Ultimately, we are selling information technology. We use it mainly as an inexpensive workstation for small business installations. Your business location, target market, and even your particular product or service may not match exactly to the plans in our gallery. We need to make sure we have the knowledge-intensive business and service-intensive business we claim to have.

Management Team Describe managers and their roles, key employee positions, and how each will be compensated. We could offer the local radio station a regular talk show on technology for small business, as one example.

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Sample Business Plan: An Example