An analysis of the evaluation criteria for search engines

Relevancy depends on consistently testing and improving algorithms. There are some expected and essential functions that you should make sure your search engine has.

how to compare two search algorithm

Here are 10 criteria you can use to evaluate search engines. Make sure you plan and arrange for support and management.

Their wide use as an information retrieval tool has created the need for their evaluation as a means of improving their performance. Findings — Analysis of the results leads to conclusions about librarians' familiarity with search engines and their views on the retrieved information.

You need to have a user-centric, intuitive interface with which users are familiar think Google search or Amazon site search and able to conduct search and analysis productively. What are the total licensing costs?

search relevance metrics

In many organizations, the most sensitive documents are kept in repositories with particularly complex security regimes.

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Choose the Right One: Follow These 10 Criteria to Evaluate Search Engines