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The company expanded overseas, opening markets in eight countries on three continents. We try to promote from within but when we need to hire from outside, we go to people we know or we use recruiting agencies. How did the earthquake and tsunami affect your business? That distributor would sponsor you and sign you up as a distributor. Business Type Distributors with certain qualification may sponsor other distributors and members. Most people probably know an Amway distributor whether they are aware of it or not. We are going to invest more in this in the future. As a part of that process, we have developed a rather sophisticated early warning system that helps us identify where problems may develop before they actually occur. If I look at the product list on your website and see something I like, how do I contact an Amway distributor?

Given the power of Amway distributors and our channel, we have an opportunity to reach a lot of consumers. We also sell a number of other consumer products ranging from home cleaning products, to personal care, such as shampoo, anti-bacterial soap, as well as cookware and water air treatment systems.

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Have any products been developed specifically for Japan? We also try to create events and opportunities for our distributors to engage in activities, for example, beach cleanups because we can bring a lot of people to efforts like that.

We are very focused in health and beauty categories, as well as cooking. login

I think that Amway and more broadly the direct selling industry in Japan does not have the reputation that it has in other parts of the world. This was a problem for us in Japan in the s but over the past decade, we have invested heavily in distributor training, and worked hard to strengthen our rules of conduct and code of ethics to create a higher standard for distributors. In terms of our people, it had a major impact. Within a few short years, the company had more than employees, over exclusive products, and more than , Distributors. They are a group of people with common interests and a social side. A prospect can also register online via www. Have any products been developed specifically for Japan? Amway expanded its U. What is your most popular product?

We have a broad demographic set with a recent trend toward a lot of younger ones in their 20s and 30s. Embassy in Japan supported the symposium.

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We also have a cooking business that is very much focused on healthy cooking using organic ingredients.

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