Alfred nobel

Alfred nobel

Nobel invested in these and amassed great wealth through the development of these new oil regions. Photo from the Nobel Foundation archive. When his will was opened it came as a surprise that his fortune was to be used for Prizes in Physics, Chemistry, Physiology or Medicine, Literature and Peace. Cinta ketiga Nobel pula lebih berpanjangan dengan seorang gadis bunga bernama Sofie Hess dari Vienna. They were very successful and became some of the wealthiest persons of their time. In total, Alfred Nobel held three hundred and fifty-five patents in the fields of electrochemistry, optics, biology, and physiology. In , when Nobel was 29, a huge explosion in the family's Swedish factory killed five people, including Nobel's younger brother Emil. There is reason to believe that the establishment of the Nobel Peace Prize was principally inspired by her. Alfred Nobel became very interested in nitroglycerine and how it could be put to practical use in construction work. At the time, gunpowder was the most powerful explosive substance known and it was stable enough to transport. He had amazing energy and found it difficult to relax after intense bouts of work.

Ringertz, Nils. Nobel invested in these and amassed great wealth through the development of these new oil regions. Pada tahunBertha Kinsky menjadi setiausaha Alfred Nobel tetapi dia cepat meninggalkan untuk mengahwini seorang kenalan lama bernama Baron Arthur Gundaccar von Suttner.

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In Paris, Alfred worked in the private laboratory of Professor T. A few years later, he bought the Bofors ironworks and armaments factories, had a splendid mansion erected in Karlskoga, and gradually prepared to move home to Sweden for good, despite a hearty dislike of the Nordic winter. Petersburg in Anchored below the surface of the Gulf of Finland, they effectively deterred the British Royal Navy from moving into firing range of St. He also developed sufficient literary skill to write poetry in English. He soon found that mixing nitroglycerine with kieselguhr would turn the liquid into a paste which could be shaped into rods of a size and form suitable for insertion into drilling holes. As an inventor and man of business, Alfred Nobel was both determined and confident. In Paris, the city he came to like best, he worked in the private laboratory of Professor T. Undaunted by this tragic accident, Nobel built several factories to manufacture nitroglycerin for use in concert with his blasting caps. He was interested in explosives , and he learned the fundamentals of engineering from his father. The family was impoverished, and only Alfred and his three brothers survived past childhood. Despite several setbacks - the most tragic was the disastrous explosion at Nobel's explosives factory in Stockholm in which cost his younger brother Emil his life - he gradually became one of the wealthiest men of his day. In Nobel invented an improved detonator called a blasting cap ; it consisted of a small metal cap containing a charge of mercury fulminate that can be exploded by either shock or moderate heat. Alfred got a patent or legal right of ownership on this material the next year. Nobel invented a detonator in , and in designed the blasting cap.

His Nemesisa prose tragedy in four acts about Beatrice Cencipartly inspired by Percy Bysshe Shelley 's The Cenciwas printed while he was dying. Andriette Nobel, who came from a wealthy family, started a grocery store. But Nobel became interested in finding a way to control and use nitroglycerin as a commercially usable explosive, as it had much more power than gunpowder.

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The mines stopped the British Royal Navy from moving into firing range of St. Bertha Von Suttner. Nobel Media AB Petersburg, Russia started doing well. It marked the first step on the road to what was to prove his greatest success: the invention of dynamite. He invented veneer lathe and started work on the torpedo. He had opened a mechanical workshop that provided equipment for the Russian army. Life and career[ edit ] Alfred Nobel at a young age in the s Born in Stockholm , Alfred Nobel was the third son of Immanuel Nobel — , an inventor and engineer, and Carolina Andriette Ahlsell Nobel — Nobel read the obituary and was appalled at the idea that he would be remembered in this way.

Despite the high risk involved in using nitroglycerine, the chemical had become essential to mining and railway construction. Inat the war's end, the company went bankrupt. His primary interests were in English literature and poetry as well as in chemistry and physics.

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But Nobel was also deeply interested in the arts, specifically, poetry and drama and his father sent him around Europe to further his education.

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Biography of Alfred Nobel, Inventor of Dynamite