A description of the definition of a class as a group of people with a related social standing

They are able to develop a distinctive style of life based on extensive cultural pursuits and leisure activities, to exert a considerable influence on economic policy and political decisions, and to procure for their children a superior education and economic opportunities that help to perpetuate family wealth.

social class definition

State The institutionalized, legal organization of power within territorial limits. Staff job In an organization, an advisory or administrative job that supports the manufacturing, production, selling, or other primary activities of the organization.

Assimilation The merging of minority and majority groups into one group with a come mon culture and identity. Racism The institutionalized domination of one racial group by another. Egalitarian marriage A family in which husband and wife share equally in family decision making.

The idea that schools are contexts in which social class inequalities are reinforced may initially seem puzzling, given that schools are supposed to be meritocratic environments in which achievement is shaped by ability and effort, rather than by any advantage conferred by class background.

Total fertility rate An estimate of the average number of children that would be born to each woman over her reproductive life if current age-specific birth rates remained constant.

Pluralism In ethnic relations, the condition that exists when both majority and minority groups value their distinct cultural identities, and at the same time seek economic and political unity.

For Marx, the history of class society was a history of class conflict. Oligopoly The control of a particular industry, market, service, or commodity by a few large organizations. State sector The sector of the economy controlled by local, state, or federal governments that supplies goods and services under direct contract to that state.

Political economy model A theory of land use that emphasizes the role of political and economic interests.

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What Is Social Stratification?